We dig deep
into your utility systems.


With our engineering expertise, we can find the root cause of your issue.

Underground industrial utility systems can often present challenges that aren’t visible at the surface, and the impact can be destructive to your operations and your bottom line. With our engineering expertise, we can find the root cause of your issues and solve them effectively, rather than just patching them up.

Our team can start with your drawings and figure out how systems have changed over time, update the drawings for the future, build out new construction or repair plans, and complete the work with confidence, on time and within budget.

  • We provide expertise for underground sanitary systems, underground excavation, potable water, natural gas, waste system, and more.

  • We have the right people, experience, and equipment to tackle projects of any size.

  • We deliver ongoing service to proactively manage and maintain safe & effective industrial utility systems.

A leak in our underground system turned out to be much bigger than we thought. Rotaflow applied their project management expertise and provided all of the support we needed without any extra effort from our site team.
— Suncor - Base plant

Case Study: Underground fire water leak

At Suncor’s Base Plant, we identified an underground fire water leak, which could compromise the effectiveness of the entire suppression system. This repair is a labour intensive job, that requires efficient scheduling and coordination of multiple labourers and trades.

With our engineering-first mindset, Rotaflow was able to apply project management expertise to ensure proper scheduling & coordination, provide procurement support, put procedures and processes in place, and complete the job quickly and under budget.