Our Procurement Process

Procurement is every activity involved in obtaining the goods and services Rotaflow needs to support our daily operations, including sourcing, negotiating terms, purchasing items, receiving and inspecting goods as necessary and keeping records of all the steps in the process. Our procurement team works to obtain competitively priced supplies that deliver the most value.


Rotaflow has successfully completed several NOVEC1230 Clean Agent fire suppression systems projects for industrial and commercial clients in Alberta, as part of our full range of services, from engineering design, procurement, construction to commissioning and maintenance of these systems.

Our team of dedicated engineers and technicians are trained and certified, as required by the manufacturer, to design, install, inspect, and maintain NOVEC1230 systems. Additionally, we have certified technicians who are authorized to perform room integrity (door fan) tests as part of the commissioning requirements for these systems.

We offer competitive pricing on the NOVEC 1230 product through our relationship with InControls Systems, a Janus Fire Authorized representative in Canada.

Hose Monsters

Hose Monster makes the safest, most accurate and efficient flow testing equipment in the industry.

The Little Hose Monster™ is used for fire pump testing, rooftop standpipe testing, hydrant flow testing and flushing. Small and lightweight – yet it neutralizes the tremendous force of discharge water. The Little Hose Monster has no pitot so small rocks and debris pass right through the system without causing damage.


Test and Drainage Valves

Post Indicator

Resilient Wedge OS&Y Gate Valve

Supervisory Switch Butterfly Valve

Pressure Reducing Valve

Relief (Pressure Reduce) Valves

OS&Y Rising Stem Valves Supervisory Switch

NRS Non-rising Valve

Check Valve

Flow Meter

Flow Switch

Gaskets & Fittings

We can supply Valves and Fittings with short lead times to meet the needs of clients across industries.

Industrial valves are used to regulate the flow of the medium through pipelines, isolate specific areas of the pipeline, check the system integrity of a unit, and more. Valves are essential parts of any piping system used to control the flow and pressure of the contents, whether that is oil, gas, liquid, or vapours. We have experience in supplying Valves and piping materials to Oil and Gas applications. At Rotaflow, we can supply quality industrial valves, including cast steel gate, globe and check valves, forged steel gate, globe, check valves and carbon steel fittings like elbow, caps, reducers, and tees.

Rotaflow is committed to supplying our customers with best-in-class products and services across Canada. Our suppliers play a crucial role in helping us serve our customers, and we are proud to collaborate with those who share in our core values of quality and sustainability.

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