Engineering & Design Is The Heart Of What We Do

Whether you have a new project or want to retrofit an existing system, Rotaflow’s team of in-house engineers can take you through every phase of the project lifecycle. Our multidisciplinary engineers have extensive experience in both brownfield and greenfield projects, and can ensure your project meets all regulatory requirements and is safe and compliant with industry best practices.

Our team’s expertise spans across many disciplines:

  • Design supply installation maintenance, and inspections of any fire protection systems including:
    • Standard NFPA13 Systems – wet systems, dry systems, pre-action systems
    • Clean Agent Systems (NFPA2001) – NOVEC1230 Systems, Water Mist Systems
    • Water Spray Systems (NFPA15)
    • Fire Pump Installations (NFPA20)
  • Design supply installation maintenance, and inspections of fire hydrants
  • Inspections of fire protection systems including annuals, monthly or even daily
  • Design supply installation, servicing, and inspections of fire alarm systems
  • Design (NFPA10) supply installation maintenance, and inspections of fire extinguishers

Engineering & design throughout the project lifecycle.

Engineering expertise can go a long way in reducing overall project costs, ensuring safety & compliance across your project site, and ensuring that you’re getting the best output from your systems. At Rotaflow, we bring an engineering mindset to all of our projects. Along with the specialized expertise, that also means you will have project outcomes, budgets and schedules you can depend on, proactive communication with your project manager, and reporting that you can trust.

Fire Protection System Design

  • Water-based fire suppression system
  • Gas-based suppression systems
  • Special hazard fire protection systems (foam, etc)

Engineering & Design 

  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed designs & drawings
  • Commissioning
  • Retrofit
  • System Expansion

Industrial Utility System Design

  • Wastewater
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Gas & diesel lines

Process Engineering

  • Hydraulic system analysis (steady, transient state)
  • Control system design & engineering

Risk Management & Compliance

  • Audit & assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Process hazard analysis
  • HAZOP, Layer protection analysis
  • Code Compliance

Maintaining Industry Standards

We are committed to ongoing learning, certification, and being part of our professional community. Our affiliations and certifications can help you rest assured that we are continuously building new skills and and using the most up-to-date best practices in the industry.

Let's work together to tackle your next big challenge.