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Measurement Canada is an agency of the Government of Canada that closely monitors the accuracy of measuring devices such as gas pumps, meters and scales through a variety of inspection and compliance strategies.

Accuracy is important for end consumers and retailers, as prices are often set based on volumes and weight. Knowing that your equipment is producing accurate measurements makes it easier for you to stay compliant and operate your business with confidence.

Measurement Canada has authorized representatives across the country who can perform inspections and calibration of metering and weighing devices in accordance with their regulations. Rotaflow is proud to offer this service in Alberta.


Rotaflow is an authorized service provider for Measurement Canada.

We provide services for the retail petroleum industry, specifically to gas stations and card lock sites.

Inspection & Certification

Measurement Canada requires that every fuel dispenser in retail petroleum shall be certified every two years to ensure that they are within the allowable tolerance, and that they are properly calibrated.

Preventive Maintenance

Like any piece of equipment, fuel dispensers require regular maintenance to function properly and to maintain their measurement accuracy. Common maintenance issues include clogged filters and strainers, damaged hoses, and deterioration due to sun exposure.

On-Site Inspection

Complete your regular compliance checks without interrupting your day to day operations. We provide on-site evaluation of your equipment, including environmental hazard identification, regulatory compliance, and safety risks.

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