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Rotaflow puts people’s and your property’s protection first with the best fire alarm systems available. Together, we and reputable manufacturers provide you with state-of-the-art technology for unmatched fire detection.

Our complete solutions comprise a large selection of specialist fire alarm equipment, intelligent control panels, and addressable and traditional systems. Our professionals guarantee the earliest possible fire detection by designing and installing a system that is customized to your needs.

Rotaflow’s certified electricians handle the installation and make sure everything is legal. After that, the last inspection and commissioning are carried out by our well qualified personnel, who get extensive training straight from top manufacturers. This two-step process guarantees that your system satisfies all current Canadian fire safety laws and is not only correctly installed but also runs faultlessly.

Make Rotaflow your choice for total mental peace. We offer your property a contemporary fire alarm system that a team of certified professionals will install and maintain.

Onyx Series

Expandable, adaptable, and backward compatible The ONYX® Series of intelligent fire alarm control panels from NOTIFIER is adaptable and agile enough to handle any size application.

Adaptable, Expansive, and Backward Compatible

Any size application may be accommodated by the versatility and agility of NOTIFIER’s ONYX® Series of intelligent fire alarm control panels. The intelligent fire alarm network from NOTIFIER, known as NOTI-FIRE-NETTM, makes it simple to expand ONYX Series panels to meet your fire protection requirements. Furthermore, you can add-on or upgrade without replacing current equipment because ONYX Series panels and NOTI-FIRE-NET are fully backward compatible with current NOTIFIER intelligent systems.

Innovations in Smoke Sensing

With the help of a sophisticated collection of software algorithms called ONYX Intelligent Sensing, nuisance alarms are greatly reduced and early fire indicators are responded to intelligently. Where certain risks and environmental circumstances make the use of conventional smoke detectors impractical, specialty sensors provide stability and very early warning capacity.

Integrated Digital Audio with Multiple Channels

The multi-channel digital audio evacuation and paging system from NOTIFIER, ONYX Digital Voice Command (DVC), has eight channels of industry-leading quality audio, five firefighter telephone channels, wire or fiber network options, and can simultaneously broadcast several, different messages throughout your entire facility.

Easily Operated and Maintained

Large 640 character LCD screens, full-size QWERTY keypads, and simple menu options make routine system maintenance, testing, and basic programming tasks like turning on or off points simple for facility managers to do with ONYX Series panels. And facilities staff may quickly and easily replace an intelligent device if it ever breaks and needs to be replaced—no need for specialized tools or programming software.



With features that reduce installation time, allow faster reaction times, and ease maintenance and use, the NFS-320 is designed especially for compact applications. All the elegance and outstanding performance that are associated with the ONYX Series are available in the NFS-320. It basically accomplishes the same thing but is smaller.

Install Speed

Fire protection may be set up in a matter of seconds using the auto-program function of the NFS-320. Additional programming can be done using the VeriFire tools programming software or the integrated QWERTY keypad.

Diagnosis Speed

Every ONYX Series panel has ONYX Intelligent Sensing, which, together with NOTIFIER’s patented FlashScan technology, surpasses international code standards for response time and guarantees a quick, precise reaction to smoke and/or heat conditions without sacrificing system stability.


The NFS2-640 is designed especially for mid-size applications and can be readily upgraded to handle future building growth through NOTIFIER’s intelligent fire alarm network, NOTI-FIRE-NET.

Meets Your Needs

The modular architecture of the NFS2-640 promotes versatility and enables modification to meet your particular fire protection requirements. And the NFS2-640 can be modified with the addition, deletion, or replacement of system modules in the future should those requirements alter.

Gets Used to Your Setting

Built into every ONYX Series panel, the ONYX Intelligent Sensing algorithms allow the NFS2-640 to understand the surroundings in which the smoke sensors are placed.

Every sensor alarm threshold is self-optimized by the NFS2-640 to reduce, if not completely, annoyance alarms and speed up response times.



With so many points and so many programming choices, the NFS2-3030 is the best alternative for big applications that need for specialized solutions and outstanding performance.


The modular layout of the NFS2-3030 is where its actual power resides. Its complete range of optional panel circuit modules makes it highly adaptable and able to tackle the most difficult design problems. The many annunciator choices of the NFS2-3030 enable authorized users to monitor and operate the system from almost any location in the building.


Supporting more than 3,000 intelligent devices on ten Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), the NFS2-3030 is ideal for single-panel protection of tall buildings or several campus buildings. The NFS2-3030 can also be upgraded with more panels using NOTI-FIRE-NET, the in-house developed intelligent fire alarm network of NOTIFIER, when more protection is needed.

Digital Voice Command

For use with the NFS2-640, NFS2-3030, and NCA-2, NOTIFIER offers the multi-channel digital audio evacuation and paging system ONYX Digital Voice Command (DVC).

Better Clarity in the Message

The audio message stays in a digital format from message storage to amplifier output in order to provide unmatched clarity and eliminate distortion.

Send Out Many Messages

At this point,In addition to eight channels of the best audio available in the business, ONYX DVC offers wire or fiber network options, and the ability to simultaneously broadcast several unique messages throughout your whole building. Building residents using ONYX DVC will hear succinct, unambiguous audio messages on their position and proximity to the emergency.



Many NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels can be connected as a single unit by the NOTI-FIRE-NET intelligent fire alarm network. Every fire alarm panel on NOTI-FIRE-NET keeps its own software and keeps running as a separate, yet integrated, network component.

Compatible Both Backward and Forward

Because NOTI-FIRE-NET is backward compatible with currently installed NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm systems, you may upgrade your system without having to replace the old equipment.

Network-wide Display and Control

Distributed anywhere on the network, Network Control Annunciators (NCAs) offer rapid access to event locations, fire alarm status information, and network-wide control features including acknowledge, silence, and reset.


Over a single network, ONYXWorks, a single-point-of-control workstation, links NOTIFIER systems with other security, card access, and CCTV systems, as well as fire alarm control panels from competitors.

Works with Opponents

For refit, upgrade, and expansion applications, ONYXWorks connects with fire alarm panels from different manufacturers.

Complex Systems. Just one interface.

View the floor plan of a building with dynamic fire, security, CCTV, and card access device icons using the user-friendly ONYXWorks interface. In addition to providing succinct, unambiguous directions on what has to be done for both fire and non-fire occurrences, ONYXWorks follows a standard reporting style.


FirstVision      ExitPoint

Point Up the Source and Spread of Fire

By identifying the source and spread of a fire, the user-friendly touch screen of ONYX FirstVision® for firefighters streamlines emergency scene evaluation. Emergency responders can build a safer, more efficient response effort to lessen or even avoid the loss of life and property by quickly and accurately sizing up the emergency situation with ONYX FirstVision. On a big, graphical representation of the building floor plan, ONYX FirstVision presents vital information from the building lobby and shows active smoke detectors together with their precise placement within the building.

Slash 75% of Evacuation Times

By reducing evacuation times by up to 75% with the use of cutting-edge directional sound technology, ONYX ExitPoint saves lives and avoids injuries.

The audio exit sign known as ExitPoint directs building residents to the closest exit and gets them there fast, dependable, and securely—even in the event of poor vision.

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