As part of Rotaflow’s initiative to better serve our clients with on-time and cost-effective solutions, in 2019 we started the process to obtain our ABSA certification for stainless steel and process piping fabrication. As of October 2020, Rotaflow has received the Certificate of Authorization Permit with a handful of certified welders mobilized and ready to provide you with fabrication services.

With our network of vendors and our team of specialized welders, we have the capability to provide your time-sensitive projects with cost-effective solutions through all phases of the project.

Since receiving our certification, Rotaflow has completed several projects that were completed in our warehouses in Fort McMurray and Edmonton with the capabilities to fabricate on-site as well. A recent project included the design and fabrication of an inergen gas rack for a clean agent fire protection system.

Our specialists designed an efficient and secure way to safely move, replace or refill tanks during regular inspections in a manner that has not been used on sites before.


To speak with our Procurement Specialist for fabrication needs, contact us to schedule a meeting below or call us at 780-469-1220.