Fire Foam Suppression System

Fire Protection for Flammable Liquids –When highly flammable liquids are produced, stored in transit, processed, or distributed, special fire protection must be taken. Our passion for safety motivates us to create solutions that can assist you in safeguarding your important customers, staff, and company resources.

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    Foam System skid

    A Foam System skid is a specialized firefighting equipment used to suppress flammable liquid fires, particularly those involving hydrocarbons such as oil or gasoline. It consists of a skid-mounted unit that includes a foam concentrate storage tank, proportioning equipment, and a distribution system. When activated, the foam system generates and delivers foam to the fire, creating a blanket that suppresses the fire by smothering it and preventing the release of flammable vapors. Foam System skids are vital tools in industrial and petrochemical facilities to ensure effective fire protection.

    Suncor Foam Suppression System Upgrade – Project in 2019

    This turnkey project was given to Rotaflow in 2019 to modernize the foam suppression system at one of the Suncor operations in Northern Alberta.

    The scope of work involved updating the logic of the fire alarm system, replacing the foam proportioner and fire water system isolation valves, and replacing two foam concentration pumps, controllers, motors, valves, instruments, and electrical cables. It also included modifying the pump pads and rerouting the piping.

    The end-to-end solution offered by Rotaflow comprised regulatory compliance evaluation, scoping study, thorough engineering design, creation of the building Work Package, material procurement, system building, and commissioning.

    By using a multidisciplinary approach, Rotaflow had successfully finished this turn-key project and had turned over Suncor Energy Inc. with care, custody, and control of this system in early 2020.

    What To Do After A Suppression System Discharge

    A catastrophic catastrophe like fire might happen at any time. Engineers have developed a variety of fire suppression technologies specifically to address this issue. Since no two fires are the same, various types of fire suppression systems were developed. Some fires may result from oil spills, while others may start in the kitchen when oil is being used to cook. Water doesn’t always put out fires; in some circumstances, it could even make things worse. Additionally, using water to put out a fire in a data room will only fully destroy the electrical equipment. Read more

    Damage Foam Chamber- Replaced by Rotaflow

    To maintain efficient fire suppression, a broken foam chamber must be replaced right away. In order to maintain the dependability of fire suppression systems, the faulty unit must be replaced right away with a new one. This will provide continuing safety and protection against potential fire threats. know more

    Let's work together to tackle your next big challenge.

    Industry Certification & Compliance

    Our knowledge of regulatory and building code requirements means we can complete your project quickly and efficiently and can prevent catastrophic events from impacting your triple bottom line. Rotaflow is certified by ULC to maintain large fire alarm systems and issue fire alarm certificates.