Become a Fire Sprinkler Apprentice with Rotaflow

Getting a position with Rotaflow is the first step to becoming a skilled Fire Sprinkler apprentice. Rotaflow is committed to developing and teaching people who want to work as fire sprinkler installers and maintainers. We do this by giving them hands-on experience that helps them get ahead in their careers. Apprentices at our company spend about 80% of their time learning by doing, working closely with trained journeymen or experienced tradespeople who teach them on the job. The last 20% of their training is in-depth technical training that is carefully given at a reputable college in Alberta.

To become a certified journeyman, which is a very high honour, our apprentices must learn all the necessary academic and practical skills. The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board carefully plans and updates certification requirements based on the valuable suggestions and ideas of the Sprinkler Systems Installer Provincial Apprenticeship Committee. These include the curriculum and how technical training is delivered.

An apprenticeship to become a sprinkler system worker lasts for four years, with each year being twelve months long. Over the course of this time, apprentices get at least 1,600 hours of training on the job, plus seven weeks of full technical teaching in the first three years. In the fourth year, trainees should have logged at least 1,800 hours of on-the-job training, which will help them get even better at what they do.

When the Sprinkler Systems Installer apprenticeship course is over, the graduates are certified journeymen with a wide range of skills and knowledge. 

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    These accomplished individuals will have the following capabilities and attributes:

    1. Skill and understanding are demonstrated by being good at installing and maintaining sprinkler systems in every way.
    2. The ability to understand the special features and installation needs of fire safety equipment, along with the ability to read plans and specs,.
    3. Being good at figuring out how much material you need makes sure that the job runs smoothly.
    4. A good understanding of how to use and take care of hand tools, machines, and other things is needed to become a skilled journeyman.
    5. Sprinkler installations must follow strict safety rules and meet specific requirements, with the safety of all parties being the most important thing.
    6. Working well with people from other trades and incorporating their work into the bigger picture of projects.
    7. acknowledgement of the many supervisory and management positions in the sprinkler business that are open to individuals with exceptional skills and drive.
    8. Always completing tasks with the highest quality and production standards expected in the business. 

    Rotaflow is dedicated to influencing the future of fire sprinkler specialists by offering apprentices a complete and enriching learning experience. Come along on this trip with us to become a certified journeyman in the fast-paced field of fire sprinkler systems, where your abilities and dedication may make a significant difference in safety and security. 

    Become a Fire Sprinkler Apprentice with Rotaflow

    Become a Fire Sprinkler Apprentice with Rotaflow