Foam Suppression System

Fire Protection for Flammable Liquids – Highly flammable liquids warrant dedicated fire protection wherever they are manufactured, stored, transported, processed or dispensed. Our passion for protection drives us to create solutions to help you safeguard your valued people, property and operations.


Fire Detection and Alarm System

Specializing in fire protection and customized communications equipment.


Modular Deluge Skid Packages

Deluge skids and systems are used for a wide range of fire protection risks including hazardous process plants, cooling of critical equipment, cooling of storage tanks or vapour mitigation.

we specialize in building this equipment into modular deluge skid packages, so that we can provide ease of installation and hook up to all critical services – like firewater and E&I.

We give you the confidence that your full package has been fully function-tested at our factory.

Deluge skids are generally bespoke, designed and installed in order to meet the specific conditions of a site or a project.


For more detail about Deluge skids and systems please click this link

Industry Certification & Compliance

Our knowledge of regulatory and building code requirements means we can complete your project quickly and efficiently and can prevent catastrophic events from impacting your triple bottom line. Rotaflow is certified by ULC to maintain large fire alarm systems and issue fire alarm certificates.

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