We’re in the business of safety.

Safety is an integral part of Fire Protection and Industrial Utility systems. On large scale sites, any safety incident can have massive implications not only for the teams on site, but potentially for the surrounding community as well asset performance. Ensuring the safety of our employees, clients, and communities is always top of mind for us—from risk planning and mitigation all the way to management.

At Rotaflow, we are building a culture of safety.

Safety remains top of mind with our safety committee, safety moments, and recognition

Our employees all have access to appropriate safety gear suitable for each scope of work.

We provide ongoing training and certification for individuals at company

We are members of accredited safety organizations

We use software that enables a transparent system for tracking and reporting on safety incidences and compliance


Safety First is one of our core values.

We practice safety at all levels of our organization. We create an open and transparent environment where staff can feel comfortable identifying unsafe work environments or issues without fear of any negative consequences. We celebrate our safety achievements on a monthly basis, and give special recognition to staff who go above and beyond to create a safe workplace for our team and our clients.

Rotaflow is one of the few organizations that has an in-house safety codes officer. Every project we work on has a complete EH&S strategy in place, as well as on-site safety specialists. Our Green Hat Program is a safety initiative that helps site teams quickly identify who is new to the project site. Our staff have QR codes on their site badges that can easily showcase their safety training and certification, so that our clients feel assured that we are maintaining compliance at all times.

Safety Standards & Affiliations

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