Deluge skids and systems can be employed for a range of fire-related risks like dangerous plant processes, cooling vital equipment, cooling storage tanks, or for vapour mitigation.

We specialize in the construction of this equipment into deluge skids that are modular in order to facilitate installation and connection to the most critical services such as firewater and E&I.

We can assure you that the entire product has been thoroughly tested in our factory.

Deluge skids are typically customized, designed and constructed to meet the requirements of the site or project.

Deluge system for  fire fighting

A deluge system, an advanced fire suppression device, consists of an array of open nozzles coupled to a water source. The device floods the covered area by simultaneously releasing a tremendous amount of water through every nozzle upon the detection of fire or heat.

This technique quickly puts out fires, cools the area, and stops them from spreading. Deluge systems are frequently used in high-risk locations like as chemical plants or regions with combustible chemicals because they provide quick reaction and extensive coverage.

They are an essential option for protecting locations where conventional fire suppression techniques would not be viable due to their effectiveness in quickly reducing fire dangers.

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    Scoping Study Deluge System Modification – Rotaflow

    In 2018 Suncor award Rotaflow a contract to carry out a scoping study for the modification of an existing 17-zone deluge system at one of their operations in northern Alberta. The scope of Rotaflow’s work includes creating a thorough hydraulic analysis of the system and weighing several possibilities, such as altering the type and height of the deluge system’s discharge nozzles and header pipe size. As a result, Rotaflow suggested a practical way to increase system reliability overall while avoiding the need for any significant upgrades to the deluge system. As a supporting document, a thorough hydraulic calculation outlining the results of various situations and the recommended course of action was submitted.

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