Featured Project: Fire Water System Upgrade

Suncor Base Plant is an old site, with assets that have been added, modified, and removed over time. Rotaflow is helping Suncor update its site plans to accurately record their current fire water system.

As part of a single contract, we identified end-of-life assets and upgraded Suncor’s mist and site-wide flushing systems, improving the overall reliability of their fire protection system. Our work scope improved safety on-site, reduced risk, and lowered costs for Suncor on one of their biggest sites.

Featured Project: Fire Protection System Inspection & Maintenance

At Suncor Fort Hills, Rotaflow is the single trusted partner to perform routine inspections and fire protection system maintenance. We are certified at some of the highest levels of fire protection – ULC, NFPA and CFPS.

Suncor is able to hand off all of their inspection and reporting to Rotaflow and can be confident in our ability to accurately document and report the results. Thus, improving safety at the site and helping with preventative maintenance enabling us to reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

Featured Project: Rotaflow Flow Testing

All fire pumps are required by code to be annually tested to confirm their performance.

This video is an annual flow test of a fire pump using our flow test trailer. The flow test trailer provides accurate results, decreases overall test time, and de-chlorinates testing water

Featured Project: Scoping Study Deluge System Modification

Rotaflow has awarded a contract by Suncor in 2018 to perform a scoping study for modification of an existing deluge system at one of their plants in northern Alberta that consists of 17 zones. Rotaflow scope included preparation of a detailed hydraulic assessment of the system and evaluating different options including change in deluge system discharge nozzle type and elevation, header pipe size, etc. As an outcome, Rotaflow proposed a cost-effective solution to improve system overall reliability while minimizing the need for any major upgrading of this deluge system. A detailed hydraulic calculation was submitted as a supporting document outlining the outcomes of different scenarios and the final proposed solution.

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