A majority of industries need high volume chemicals such as a oil, diesel, etc. on a regular basis for their daily operations. Even if the industry does not work directly with these chemicals, they need it to run their large equipment as a part of their industrial automation. With so much of the chemical supply needed by the industrial sector regularly, you need to ensure that your chemical management systems work properly and therefore, industrial leak detection is extremely important. One small leak can cause a lot of wastage and also affect the smooth functioning of the equipment.

What causes a chemical leak?

Chemicals such as oil or diesel are often stored in huge tanks in an industrial area. Often the major cause of a chemical leak is a faulty tank structure. However, the other reasons that can cause a chemical leak include a loose fitting, overflowing tank due to faulty pump mechanism or a leaking pipe.

How does leak detection work?

Chemical tanks in industrial areas generally have a structure that supports a secondary containment system. Especially if the project is handled by the local authorities. To detect leaks in such chemical storages, a smart leak detector device is placed in the secondary containment structure of the chemical storage. In case of the absence of a secondary containment, the device is fit outside the storage tank. the sensor on the leak detection device is programmed to detect the unnecessary escaping of the chemical. When the device detects a leak, it raises an alarm. This alarm could either be audible or light-based. Sometimes the alarm is only sent to the main control room to notify the control room manager.

Benefits of Leak Detection

Leak detection improves your operations by enabling you to closely control and monitor your chemical storage levels. With proper chemical management, your equipment will work in its top condition and provide high productivity. With the help of a leak detection system, you can identify a leak much earlier and prevent any further damage to your facility and equipment.

A chemical leak is a big hazard that can not only damage your facility but also cause harm to your manpower. Detecting a leak in time will help you to prevent such a calamity and take charge of critical situations.

Chemical leaks are not only wastage of chemical but also money as oil and diesel are not free. Preventing a leak will prevent loss of chemical and money.
If your chemical storage is experiencing a leak and you are unaware of it, your equipment performance will deteriorate over time. With a leak detection system, this can be avoided.

Fuels and chemicals such as oil and diesel are a major component that are needed for the smooth functioning of equipment in an industry. Therefore, saving them is important both for now and for the future. So do not wait for a leak to happen, get your industrial leak detection designed by one of our experts.