During pandemic, people have been constantly innovating ways to go about their daily life remotely. Whether it is shopping, learning, or working, our modern technology allows us to get what we need done from the comfort of our own home. This remote technology has now become more and more available to fire protection and life safety system inspectors the last few years and has allowed them to conduct system inspections from remote locations.

You may be wondering how a fire protection or life safety system can be inspected remotely. Well, a crew on site can simply live stream for the inspector using drones, 360° cameras, or even phone cameras. The inspector can then tell the person filming exactly what they need to see to complete their inspection. The footage needed could also be recorded for later reference, meaning the inspector does not necessarily need to inspect the system while it is being filmed.


This approach allows for your system to be inspected without the need for an onsite visit by the inspector, which can reduce travel costs and the risk of exposure to pandemic conditions when they are a risk. Another benefit is that in the case of multiple different systems needing to be tested, all the necessary recordings can be done together and then each inspector can be sent what they need to see. This prevents needing to schedule multiple inspection times and can lead to more flexible scheduling. The current NFPA codes such as NFPA 25 and NFPA 13 as well as government codes allow for remote or automated testing. In fact, the bodies that regulate these codes are expanding their current codes to accommodate and better define how remote inspections are to be carried out.

With these advancements in technology, your fire protection and life safety system inspections are becoming easier to complete in a safer manner. These remote inspections allow you to get your systems inspected in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Here at Rotaflow, we have the qualified staff and the resources needed to conduct both in-person and remote fire protection or life safety system inspections. Please contact Rotaflow for your remote and in person fire protection and life safety system inspection needs.