Measurement Canada closely is the governing body that monitors the accuracy of measuring and weighing devices such as fuel dispensers, Re-fueler, Truck scale, POS Scale, etc. Installation and Operation of such devices should be in accordance with the W&M guidelines and specifications and it’s the trader’s responsibility to make sure their devices are compliant and accurate for use in trade. As per W&M Acts and Regulations 15 (1), “Every trader who uses a device in trade, or possesses a device for trade, shall cause it to be examined, within the prescribed period, by an inspector”.

Meters used in the retail sale of transportation fuel and petroleum products metered from multi-purpose bulk fuel trucks that crossover into other trade subsectors (e.g. 0601 and 1809) are subject to mandatory inspections once every two years.

Bi-annual inspection of the fuel meters at retail fuel stations and bulk fuel sites, consist of the following steps:

  1. Assessing the mechanical condition and performance of the meter
  2. Measurement repeatability
  3. Equipment maintenance evaluation
  4. Check for Backlash
  5. Automatic temperature compensation performance

Common deficiencies that can be found during this inspection are as follows:

  1. Measurement error (meter out of Calibration / faulty temperature probe)
  2. Meter creep
  3. Restricted flow
  4. Segment burnt out on PPU(Price/unit) and Volume display
  5. Leaky or bad nozzle (Nozzle does not auto shut)
  6. Leaky/UV degraded fuel hose

Based on the findings of the inspection report, following corrective/preventative actions may need to be taken:

  1. Meter Calibration
  2. Temperature probe replacement
  3. Meter replacement
  4. Filter or strainer replacement
  5. Faulty or sun-baked displays Replacement
  6. Nozzle /swivel replacement

Rotaflow is a registered organization with Measurement Canada. We conduct inspections on retail and bulk fuel sites, including Preventive and corrective maintenance. If you want to arrange an inspection at your site, feel free to contact us for a quote.