Rotaflow is proud to announce our membership with Edmonton Construction Association (ECA). As a general contractor (GC) and subcontractor in industrial construction, this membership aligns well with our B2B business strategy, allowing us to connect with other construction GC’s and support them with their specialized industrial fire protection and utilities scopes.

A ECA membership supports our core value of continuous improvement, as their goal is to provide value with a strong focus on our Four Pillars; Procurement, Collaboration, Networking, and Education.

We are looking forward to upcoming social and networking events put on by ECA, with the hopes of expanding our network of high quality partners. Working with such partners and vendors will enhance our overall capacity and offer a stronger one-stop-shop service to clients.

We are especially enthused to involve our younger team members in YBG, Young Builders Group, whose goal is to strengthen the construction industry in Edmonton for the next generation.


*Sidenote: Rotaflow was previously a member of ECA but it has been quite a number of years since then.