The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is celebrated on September 30. We have the chance on this day to honor and respect the heritage of residential schools. This day has been recognized as “Orange Shirt Day” since 2013.

Orange Shirt Day recalls the experience of residential school survivor Phyllis Webstad, who attended the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School, Williams Lake, BC in 1973. Phyllis was six years old and upon attendance of school, her orange shirt, which she had received from her grandmother, was taken away from her on September 30th was chosen due to the time of year when Indigenous children were removed from their families and forced into the residential schools.

Rotaflow is dedicated to embracing and recognizing reconciliation by appropriately commemorating The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation by observing Orange Shirt Day at our head office and job site locations. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada stated, “All Canadians, as Treaty people, share responsibility for establishing and maintaining mutually respectful relationships,” and Rotaflow is committed to embracing and recognizing reconciliation. On this day, we invite all staff members to come to work wearing their orange shirts.

Below are links to some Indigenous-led or owned companies where you can purchase Orange Shirts or make donations. 
Orange Shirt Day Society
MacEwan Bookstore
Moonstone Creations
While September 30th is a federally regulated holiday, it is not provincially regulated. Therefore, it will be business as usual for Rotaflow employees. We encourage you to show your support and wear orange, even under your coveralls.

To learn more, access resources or donate to this important cause, visit: