Clean Agent System Maintenance White Paper
Clean Agent Fire Suppression System Maintenance

Fire suppression systems require constant care and maintenance if you wish for them to effectively prevent fires when disaster strikes. This care routine involves frequent checkups, which are almost like doctor appointments for your suppression system. This also includes any special fire suppression systems like the one we will be discussing today, which are clean agent fire suppression systems.

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NFPA 25 5-year maintenance requirements
NFPA25 5-Year Maintenance Requirements for Firewater Systems

“Many of our clients find that their quieter work season begins as the weather becomes cooler towards the end of the calendar year. On an individual level approaching the new year means time for planning personal upkeep and resolutions. Like people, firewater safety systems also require regular upkeep and resolutions/maintenance of their own. Being on this seasonal cusp doesn’t mean it’s time to step away from most everyday demands completely, but it certainly does allow time for reflection on your protective systems that keep you and your team safe 365 days a year. In fact, regular 5-year maintenance is required by …”

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Why are room integrity tests so important?

“Commissioning and maintenance of a clean agent suppression system in Alberta should follow the requirements set by NFPA 2001 (Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems). As part of these requirements, it is necessary to conduct a Room Integrity Test during the commissioning of a clean agent system to ensure that the suppressions system is performing as per the intern of the deism. The enclosure where this system is installed should then be inspected … ”

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