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Rotaflow is your one-stop shop for Fire Protection services.

We provide our clients with engineering, design, retrofitting, construction and maintenance support. Our knowledge of regulatory and building code requirements means we can complete the design and construction phases of your project quickly and efficiently, and can prevent catastrophic events from impacting your triple bottom line. Rotaflow is certified by ULC to maintain large fire alarm systems and issue Fire Alarm Certificates.

  • Our expertise includes Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Water Systems, Fire Suppression Systems

  • We provide end-to-end solutions: engineering, design, retrofitting, construction, procurement, operations, and maintenance.

  • We have expertise in multiple systems: foam, energen (gas), FM200, mist spray, kitchen suppression, CO2, and more.

We chose Rotaflow because they’re certified at the highest levels. We can work with ONE company to ensure our systems are always compliant with all of the current NFPA and ULC requirements.
— Suncor - Fort Hills

Case Study: Fire water system upgrade

Suncor Base Plant is an old site, with assets that have been added, modified, and removed over time. Rotaflow is helping Suncor update their site plans to accurately record their current fire water system.

As part of a single contract, we will identify end of life assets, and upgrade Suncor’s mist and site wide flushing systems to improve the overall reliability of their fire protection system. This improves safety on site, reduces risk, and lowers costs for Suncor on one of their biggest sites.

Case Study: Fire protection system inspection & maintenance

At Suncor Fort Hills, Rotaflow is the single trusted partner to perform routine inspections and fire protect system maintenance. We are certified at some of the highest levels of fire protection - ULC, NFPA and CFPS.

Suncor is able to hand off all of their inspection and reporting to Rotaflow, and can be confident in our ability to accurately document and report the results. This improves safety at the site, and helps with preventative maintenance, so that we can reduce downtime and maximize productivity.